Scott Padbury

Scott Padbury

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First Name * Scott
Last Name * Padbury
Username * Gitch
Country * USA
City Southern Fried
Languages English


Areas of Expertise Televison
Preferred Tools Lightwave 3dZbrushVue InfinitePhotoshopAfter Effects ProPainterMessiah StudioDeep Paint 3d3D CoatIllustratorPost ProductionRenderingShort FilmsArchitectural VisualisationCharacters


Availability: Freelance


I'am a Grad of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I started out as a traditional illustrator working with Airbrush and other mediums. I had to learn 3d to be competitive.

" I am attracted to CG mostly because of the unlimited possibilities of creating forms and giving image and shape to things that do not exist, or that we can only imagine to simply bring to life the impossible."


This is art that catches our Editor's eye.
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